Search engine optimization is the process of optimizing and promoting a website over the Internet for top rankings in search engines . Website optimization , thus, is the process of improving a web site site placing. It’s the first step in achieving higher rankings. Only after optimization can you submit a site and hope for good results.

importance of Search Engine Marketing

The vast majority of Internet users find new web sites by using search engines . A position within the top 20 listings of a major search engine tremendously increases traffic to a web site.

It’s low-cost!

Online advertising, such as banner campaigns, can be quite expensive. Search engine placement , on the other hand, can be a low-cost process. Although some search engines have “pay-per-click” programs and paid submissions, there’s no reason why one can’t significantly increase one’s site’s traffic by simply understanding and applying optimization strategy.

High search engine rankings can be more effective publicity tools than paid ads. A top position on a major search engines such as Google can increase traffic far more than an expensive banner ad. Plus, the traffic you get will be more targeted — it will consist of people who set out to find exactly what your site has to offer.

Selection of Key Phrases:

Key Phrases are the most probable group of words that your target market looks up in search engines for websites, products or services like yours. Selection of key phrases is a complicated and very important part of the Search Engine Optimization methodology.

Stage 3: Website Optimization:

Recently search engines have begun to look for a theme in websites, meaning, your content and coding and names of links and pages should all be coordinated to re-iterate the same set of key phrases. Ideally, We target around two phrases per page and ensure that the entire page revolves around the same. Service deliverables in this phase include the following:

(i) Meta Tags composition & upload
(ii) Alt Tags composition & upload
(iii) Content Composition
(iv) Page Re-naming
(v) Link Re-naming

Stage 4: Search Engine Submissions:

Based on your choice of target market, We carry out Manual Submissions your website to any or all of the following:

(i) Paid Submissions or Express Inclusion to Major Search Engines and Directories, i.e. Inktomi , Yahoo , Ask and Alta Vista

(ii) Top International Search Engines and Directories, i.e. Google , Yahoo , Altavista , Ask Jeeves , Teoma ,, MSN , Open Directory Project , AOL , Hotbot , Excite , WebCrawler

(iii) Regional or Country-specific Search Engines, e.g. Yahoo India , Rediff for India

(v) Portals, Vortals and Business Sites, e.g. , eBay , eLance , etc.

Monitoring and Reporting

Soon after submissions, We’ll begin to send you Monthly Ranking Reports so you can monitor the ascent of your search engine positions.