Memes Importance in Digital Marketing

Oct 31, 2022 08:15 PM

Memes are prevalent on all social media platforms and have evolved into a type of cultural currency in the modern era. They are light-hearted snippets of content, frequently with text and an image, that are meant to be quickly consumed. Can memes be used for digital marketing, though? This article discusses what memes are, how you might utilize them for marketing, and potential pitfalls to avoid.

What is Memes?

Memes importance in digital marketing

Whether it’s an image taken from social media or an image of a well-known character, text is typically overlaid on an existing image in a meme. The statement is designed to draw attention to an amusing or relatable aspect of the image.

Memes offer some form of societal commentary on a subject in a digestible, amusing, and visual manner. A humorous image with a succinct caption—often no more than 25 characters—can convey your message.

Today’s social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and twitter are ideal for transmitting these cultural genes. A post can almost instantaneously go viral if it resonates with the audience. The most popular memes frequently depict a certain moment, idea, or emotion in a way that is appealing to social media users.

Can memes be used for digital marketing

Our customers typically use social media and the internet to unwind and have fun rather than to look for products or services. Our goal is to connect with them and influence them through our marketing plan, but what happens if we push ourselves too far?

When people think of us as being a little “needy,” the only thing we’ll do is prevent them from entering our place of business. Customers will quickly lose interest if you solely display “advertising content” because your works aren’t compelling enough. 

You’ll make your audience laugh out loud at first, but after that, they’ll start to relate to you more. By making your brand more relatable, people will identify with it and use it as a benchmark.

People will view your business as a cool friend who can meet their needs and with whom they can converse and have a good time while discussing commonplace topics when you are relatable. However, if you’re still unsure about trying this marketing tactic, the following arguments can help:

  • Cheap tactic: You may make your own memes by visiting Giphy or using any design app.
  • Possibilities for going viral: The fundamental purpose of memes is to make friends laugh. If yours is humorous enough, users will forward it to a large number of people, expanding your consumer base or market.
  • Humanize your business: As previously said, by sharing memes with your consumers, you demonstrate to them that you are interested in developing a more frequent, non-business-related dialogue with them.
  • Create immediate feedback: If your meme elicits the desired response, you can count on receiving numerous comments and feedback right away about your brand.

Digital Marketing memes

Meme marketing is the practice of using memes into your marketing plan. It’s a light-hearted, subtle method to engage your target audience, spark relationships, and start conversations.

Memes are a powerful marketing technique since they may make your brand more noticeable and are relevant. This marketing strategy is a subtly effective approach to market your company without coming across as overly pushy. The finest aspect is that it does not call for a huge budget!

Why should you try meme marketing


Memes may be made by anyone using free meme generator tools, and they can be edited to reflect their business identity. Additionally, you may add a fresh caption or spin to content that has already been made by others, saving you a ton of time and resources that you would have otherwise used to develop original content.

Memes increase shares.

Shares are a metric that 50% of social marketers use to shares the effectiveness of a campaign. Nevertheless, getting social media shares is a difficult task, particularly when your fans are bombarded with a ton of information across several platforms. Making use of popular memes in this situation can be helpful. Memes are made with the intention of being distributed, reposted, or repurposed online in order to reach a larger target audience.

Instant Feedback

If your meme is successful, you may use it to get client feedback, tap into fresh prospects, and gain new insights to enhance your memes for subsequent campaigns. Avoid creating anything that can hurt your brand’s reputation and upset your viewers.

Things to avoid in meme marketing

  • Don’t overuse it. Let’s be clear about one thing: memes are merely a side dish to your brand’s main course. Therefore, when you produce this kind of humorous material, designate a certain time on your calendar so that it can be regarded as a break in the articles that drive sales.
  • Jokes are fantastic for connecting with your audience, but they’re frequently more appreciated when they’re relatable than when they’re directed at a specific individual. Because everyone is aware of how challenging or frustrating paying taxes can be, making a joke about it will likely get a good chuckle from your audience.
  • This is clearly demonstrated by treating your brand like a close friend and understanding it as such. If they have a thorough understanding of the topic we are discussing, they will either view a joke within our brand as funny or absurd.


The correct use of humor can help you develop an effective digital marketing plan since it humanizes your company and encourages user referrals.

Though selling is always our ultimate goal, let’s not forget that our followers will trust our services more if we are relatable and near to them.

Before you even consider including memes in your material, as we previously discussed, make sure to thoroughly research your audience so you can determine whether they will find them amusing or not.

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