Local SEO optimization tips for your Business

Local SEO helps you optimize your business for local search. These Optimization helps your business to reach potential consumers who use local search to buy products or services.

Local SEO

Local SEO Optimization Tips: 

  • Optimize your business for Google my business.
  • Create and optimize your relevant and local information. 
  • Ensure your website is mobile friendly.
  • Recommended to add location pages to your website.
  • Ensure your name, address and phone number are consistent online. 
  • Optimize online documents and citations.  
  • Engage on social media and add posts to Google my business. 
  • Improve your internal linking structure.
  • Get reluctant and optimize inbound links.
  • Optimize your url, meta tags  and content property.

Internal Linking: 

Along with site Navigation internal linking is important as it assists with information architecture and website hierarchy and also distributes page authority and ranking power among pages. 

Internal Linking improves the user engagement in your site and it should be reasonable in number, natural, follow, deep and using relevant anchor text. 

Process of connecting pages of your website to one another is called internal linking. 

Tips for better internal linking:

    • Create lots of well optimized content in order to create lots of internal links
    • Use relevant anchor text to your link.
    • Focus on deep linking. 
    • Try to avoid having too many links to the homepage.
    • Avoid adding to the contact us page unless it is absolutely necessary. 
    • Use links that are natural for the user and that produce value to the reader. 
    • content links are a strong signal to both the search engine and the user that the content you are linking to is really good.
    • Deep links within the structure of a site are considered the most natural links in a content marketing strategy.
    • Use relevant links to the source of content. 
    • Use do-follow links in order to increase the link juice to a single page.
  • Nofollow internal links would reduce the effectiveness of certain types of internet advertising because their search algorithm depends heavily on the number of valuable and authentic links to a website. 
  • Use a reasonable number of interns links. 
  • Avoid using massie blocks of site-wide  footer links. In 2013 many sites who did so were hit with an algorithm penalty for such practice. 

Local Citation: 

It is any online mention of your local business name, address and phone number. 

How to find local citation: 

WhiteSpark offers local listing management and recommends where to list your business, examines your competitors and competition, monitor your citation growth for better local search ranking. 

Link: https://WhiteSpark.ca/ 

Local SEO Tools:

  • WhiteSpark local citation finder.
  • Screaming frog. 
  • Moz Local.
  • Ahref. 
  • BuzzStream.
  • BrightLocal.

Note: From Google’s point of view content shared on social media is more important now than ever before.

Recommend to share your Google My Business page on social Media. 

Inbound Links: tells Google that you are a legitimate company and raise domain authority.

Tips to Get Inbound Links:

  • Sponsorship or partnership.
  • Guest Blog post.
  • Scholarships.
  • Recommended to start with your own personal network.
  • Get sponsorship by becoming influencer
  • Act as a resource provided for the community.

Map Data Aggregator:

There are four Map Data Aggregators that provide a large amount of map data for us. 

companies such as – 

  • Express Update
  • Neustar localeze 
  • Factual 
  • My business listing manager 


  1. Make Sure to not hold any duplicate listing. 
  2. Images cannot be crawled by search engines like html text. 
  3. The most common location for NAP is in the footer or header of your site. 
  4. Setup your NAP with area code that must be crawlable like html text in your sky. 
  5. Local search and mobile search to hand in hand. 
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