IT Infrastructure Management Services

Webycs IT Solutions is the best and notable IT Company. It gives quality services to its clients by designing, developing and implementing innovative IT solutions. 

For many years we are delivering IT services in India and all over the globe including data processing solutions to businesses, data security, and system administration, software installation, data research and analysis, data recovery, including website designing, web development, web application management, software development, mobile app development, search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing (SMM), search engine marketing (SEM) & analysis, graphics designs, Web hosting, software development for government, software development for enterprise, ERP software development, MLM software development, College ERP Software, Google ads, Facebook ads, PPC advertising, lead generation etc.  and are committed in providing the best services that anyone could hope to find in the business. 

IT Services for Business

Our company’s power is produced from our commitment to our industry, clients, and community. We feel pleased in presenting ourselves as one of the expert IT solutions for your business in Lucknow. We give the best IT services to our clients.

Our services contributions span across the infrastructure including Software Maintenance, Hardware Maintenance, Networking services, Data security services, Data recovery services, Hardware and networking services and many other services.

  • IT Hardware Maintenance Services for Desktops, Laptops, TC, Servers of Dell, HP, Acer, Lenovo, IBM , HCL, SUN and TPM.
  • System Administration over all versions of Windows , Linux, Unix, Solaris, AIX etc.
  • IT Hardware Maintenance Services for Peripherals of Epson, Wipro, Samsung, Canon, HP,TVSE Printronix and Lipi Data.
  • Maintenance Services for Specialized Banking products Passbook Printers , CTS Scanners, QMS Systems, KIOSK’s etc.
  • Data Recovery
  • Software Services

IT Facility Management Services

  • Call Management
  • Connectivity Management
  • Domain Management
  • Network Management
  • Bandwidth Management
  • IT Security(gateway level & for Server/client)
  • Asset Management
  • Data Back-up Support
  • Application Support (First Level).

Installation, Warranty and Post Warranty Support for all OEM’s: PC, Peripheral and Entry Level Server Installation and provide warranty support and post warranty support for  all OEM’s

IT Network Management Services

  • Monitoring and Maintenance of active and passive network components Including CISCO, D-Link Routers, Catalysts etc.
  • Monitoring and maintenance of LAN / WAN network including Cabling and Deployment of engineers

Migration of Client and server role

The client-server characteristic describes the relationship of cooperating programs in an application. The server component provides a function or service to one or many clients, which initiate requests for such services. Servers are classified by the services thy provide. For example , a web server serves web pages and a file server serves a computer files. A shared resource may be any of the server computers software and electronic components, from programs and data to processors and storage devices. The sharing of resources of a server constitutes a service.

A peer-to-peer network is designed around the notion of equal Peer nodes simultaneously functioning as both “clients” and “servers” to the other nodes on the network. This model of network arrangement differs from the client–server model where communication is usually to and from a central server. A typical example of a file transfer that uses the client-server model is the File Transfer Protocol(FTP) service in which the client and server programs are distinct: the clients initiate the transfer, and the servers satisfy these requests

Security Solutions Including Virus Protection.

There are different type of network attacks May take place mentioned below in active and passive category , Networks are subject to attacks from malicious sources. Attacks can be from two categories: “Passive” when a network intruder intercepts data traveling through the network, and “Active” in which an intruder initiates commands to disrupt the network’s normal operation.

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