seo search engine process

How Google Search Engine Works and what benchmarks Google uses to display relevant search results

Search engine guidelines are very important when you talk about website ranking within SERP (search engine result pages).  Black Hat SEO is One of the SEO practices (Search engine optimization) that doesn’t follow search engine guidelines.

Google Search Engine Working

Working of Google searches depends on three stages

  • Crawling
  • Indexing
  • Serving search results

Google search functionality is fully automated. There is nothing to do manually. All of the content that is published and listed within search engine result pages are not submitted manually

But this kind of task is done by search engines’ automatic software that explores the web regularly.

Crawler, also known as Google bot, is a search engine software which works automatically for web exploration.

Crawling  is an automated program that is performed by Google bot or Crawler.

As we know Google constantly looks for the new and updated web pages and adds them to the existing list of web pages. The process of finding and listing out what pages exist on the world wide web called

URL discovery. During the URL discovery process some pages are quietly known as pages are explored during regular web exploration while some are completely new for Google itself. New URL discovered when Google follows a link from known and listed pages to a new page.


Let suppose you have a category page that consists of several urls some of them are new and some of them are old, a new URL can be discovered when Google’s bot Crawl this category page.

Google also crawl list of pages (sitemap) When you submit via search console for Google to crawl.

Crawling happens also Whenever a new Content is published.

The magic of crawler’s Crawling functionality:

The Search engine software (Crawler) automatically downloads text, images and videos from pages that are published on the internet by regular web exploration.

Downloading text, images and videos without any manual effort from pages found on the internet called Crawling.

Indexing. After downloading the text, images and videos files, Google analyzes. the content and then stores the analyzed information systematically in the Google index.

Google index is A vast database of Google.

Displaying the search results:

The third step of search engine working is to display results within SERP. When a user or searcher enters any keywords within the search box, A list of results displayed within SERP which is relevant to the searcher query.