How to Sell on YouTube?

You may have been posting on YouTube for a time, amassed a following, and are now beginning to consider making money off of your channel. Or perhaps you’re brand-new to this whole internet business thing, but you’re still curious about what’s in store for you.

This post can help you in turning your pastime into a business, regardless of the stage your YouTube business is in. We’ll walk you through a plug-and-play architecture so you can start generating income from your current YouTube videos.

How to Sell on YouTube

When Should You Begin Selling Videos on YouTube?

Before considering monetization, we’d advise working on creating your first YouTube video if you haven’t yet. Because it’s easier to sell to people you already know and like, be patient and put effort into developing a devoted following. Although it seems counterintuitive, hundreds of successful people recommend it.

First, Make targeted YouTube videos

Your YouTube videos must contain tiny tidbits of your premium product—pieces of fun or advice that are in line with what you ultimately intend to sell. When publishing, do not forget to select a title for your video that is keyword-optimized and to make a compelling thumbnail. You can use a thumbnail creator or design software to create the thumbnail and Tubebuddy for keyword research.

Second, Create A Lead Magnet

A lead magnet is a free gift that encourages visitors to join your email list and, ultimately, your online courses. An ideal lead magnet:

expands on the information in your YouTube video, encourages viewers to learn more about the subject matter, and answers a very particular issue. For example, a lead magnet on “How to eat healthily” is not a smart choice because it can be absorbed in under 10 minutes.

As an illustration, your lead magnet could be a PDF titled “10 Questions To Ease Your Anxiety In 10 Minutes A Day” if your YouTube video is on breathing exercises for anxiety. By the way, using a multi-step form is a terrific method to encourage more people to download your lead magnet.

Third, Make five to ten follow-up emails.

Once more, it does not have to be difficult. You can just email links to YouTube videos that you think your subscriber will find interesting.

It is important to note that selling in the first, second, or even third email will turn readers off. Use emails 4, 8, and 10 to promote your premium offering.

You now have far more knowledge about your subscribers as a result of the lead magnets for anxiety and the breathing methods video. You are aware of their anxiety problems, and they presumably think yoga may help. Send them videos on how to relax, and then invite them to your yoga masterclass.

Fourth, Share other people’s review

You should not only post your own videos on your YouTube account. In particular, it can share and advertise content created by influencers in the form of video reviews. Usually, you can locate these reviews on YouTube simply by Googling for the name of your product.

Another method of making money on YouTube is by approaching influencers and asking if you may use their review. Since many of them are probably attempting to market their own brands and make sales on YouTube, the majority will be pleased to see their material highlighted online.

Fifth, Add links to the comments and description

One of the most popular ways to direct users to a relevant website is to link to it in the description. Anyone can do it, regardless of the channel’s age or the number of subscriptions they have, which is one of the reasons for this.

Links in the description of any topics covered in the video are expected by YouTube users because they act as a form of topical reference guide.

The first three lines of the description are always visible in any YouTube video. The user must click “show more” to view anything more. Because of this, if you want to make those opening three sentences truly matter, you must employ them.

Another choice is to include the links in the comments, where you can choose to have your comment pinned to the top as you are the channel owner. It would seem as follows:

Conclusion: The aim of YouTube is to retain viewers for as long as possible. Your videos will rank higher if they are successful in achieving this.

BUT you need to divert YouTube visitors to your website if you want to sell videos there. Therefore, YouTube will stop promoting your videos in searches and in the “Suggested Videos” section if every video drives viewers to your website.

With YouTube’s built-in capabilities, it’s feasible to put up seamless, integrated sales methods and gain a devoted following that will help you sell your digital products.

Making the most of strategies like linking in the description, using pinned posts, and establishing custom links in your channel profile will be the greatest chance for video creators who are just starting out to send your visitors to buy your digital items.

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